Modest Fashion as new trend; not just cultural centric

During current times, modest fashion is one of the new trend setter categories in broad spectrum of fashion industry.

The term modest fashion refers to fashion trend in women of wearing less skin-revealing outfit, in such a way that satisfies their spiritual and stylistic requirements for reasons of faith, religion or personal has varied interpretation across the globe among various religious beliefs.

This category of fashion leads woman specially to Personalize their outfit choices at its own comfort pace by following and respecting the basic cultural approach.

Now modest fashion gains utmost momentum on various platforms. The first ever modest fashion show was hosted in London featuring 40 labels showcasing styles that ranged from maxi dresses to hijabs, and gained an attention from religious to non-religious consumers.

As the trend proceeds season by season, the exploration in fashion keeps revolving around one style to another, previously fashion was very prominent from one era to era, but now it has revived with old and traditional details long collars, huge hems, broad sleeves etc. And has become iconic for today’s century and fortunately matches need of modest fashion, which in returns is self-explanatory that it is not only liked by religious bond category but has become charm of modern vanity too. Moreover, it has become a huge hit concept even among varied culture.

The market of modest clothing has created a deep impact on thinking parameters of many communities, where fashion is not just bold and toxic, but looks iconic with its legendary agenda of covering body with elegance and style in spectrum of modesty. Due to its positive approach, it has become a new sensation not only Arab countries like Qatar, Kuwait, UAE etc. but also covering great portion of United Kingdom, France, United states too.

Wearing colors to comfort silhouette, modest fashion has reached few extra ordinary miles and will be another great platform and sensation for many aspiring designers to explore in coming more years.