AlHuda CIBE has been conducting Global Islamic Microfinance Forum from last nine years. This time, AlHuda CIBE will be holding the 10th Global Islamic Microfinance Forum on December 12, 2021 with Two Days Post Event Workshop on Practical Aspects of Islamic Micro, agriculture and Rural Finance on December 13 -14, 2021 in Dubai, UAE.

AlHuda is encouraging practitioners, microfinance institutions, donor agencies and Government Institutions by building up to acknowledgement of Islamic Microfinance System. It is providing a platform for dialogue between multilateral donor organizations and microfinance Networks to provide up to date knowledge of various aspects of Islamic Microfinance. This will promote Islamic financing for entrepreneurship and SME worldwide.

These are the reasons why these events are conducted internationally so that masses can enjoy its perquisites. State-of-art knowledge about Islamic Microfinance is shared in these forums through sessions, speeches and presentations designed under different tracks focused on active learning within the particular subject, participants can have a global perspective of micro financing.

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