BisB Launches a New Personal Financing Campaign and Opens All Financial Malls for 24/hours Straight

In line with its promise to simplify its customers’ money matters, Bahrain Islamic Bank (BisB) recently announced the launch of a brand-new personal financing campaign, which was kicked off by opening all of the Bank’s financial malls for a period of 24 hours straight, from Thursday, August 12, 2021, at 8 am up to Friday, August 13, 2021.

The concept behind the campaign was to offer personal finance services to the Bank’s customers in a unique and innovative manner, while offering incredibly competitive profit rates, as well as providing opportunities for customers to enter draws on exclusive cash prizes starting from 100 Bahraini dinars (BD) all the way up to 10,000 BD for each personal finance request submitted.

“As part of our commitment to continuously listen to our customers and consistently offer innovative financial services that meet their daily life requirements and accommodate their individual needs and circumstances; we decided to extend the working hours of all our financial malls for an entire day to be at their service and availability for 24 hours straight; enabling us to be connected to our customers and offer them the personal finance services that they require,” said Dalal Al Qais, Chief of Retail Banking at BisB.

“We also wanted to reward our customers in a way that truly stood out during this promotional period, for any of our customers that applied for finance on the same day would have the opportunity to win a range of prizes, ranging from 100 BD that go up to 10 K,” She added.

“Although the campaign was launched for 24 hours, starting from the morning of Thursday, August 12th until the morning of Friday, August 13th, its benefits will extend well into the end of September.  Our customers who did not have the opportunity to visit us during the first 24 hours of the launch of this promotional campaign are welcome to visit us at our branches and financial malls during our regular working hours,” concluded Dalal Al Qais, Chief of Retail Banking at BisB.

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