Exclusive Interview with Carmen Muhammad founder of Al Nisa Designs-USA

What is Modest Fashion? And why should women choose Modest Fashion.

As an emerging Modest Designer my approach to designing modest clothing is supported by my own personal definition of Modest Fashion. I feel that modest designs represent the highest level of a civilized fashionably well-dressed women. There are many different variations that exist around the world as it pertains to modest fashion. These elements are often based on local customs cultural traditions and religious beliefs. The statement “Modest” in fashion is an expression of a lifestyle it has been stated by both Alia Khan of The Islamic Fashion Design Council and Reina Lewis, A Writer and Professor of Cultural Studies at the London College of Fashion. It is a commitment to a set of high standards, values, and principals an ideology in fashion that cannot be ignored.

Women should choose Modest Fashion because it represents true beauty and femininity of God’s women.

What are the opportunities in the Modest Fashion field?

In the world and business of fashion modest fashion is often referred to as a niche market. However, the opportunities are vast. It was recently stated in a feature article by “Market Watch News’ “that the global impact of modest fashion is one of the largest growing segments, estimated to have represented over277billion dollars in revenue in 2020 prior to the pandemic. Since the reboot of the business of fashion and beauty after 2 years of disruption post covid, modest fashion is reestablishing its presence in the business of fashion. Opportunities have expanded beyond designers to also include retail owners, buyers, influencers/ bloggers, stylists, models, halal beauty companies, photographers, and media partners. These are just a few of the areas associated with the business of modest fashion.

Brands that are new in the market, how they can make the business successful?

First, we must examine the role of Modest Fashion in the mainstream market. There is still a great deal of work that needs to be done to level the playing field even for established modest designers. The method of building brand awareness for both new designers and established designers is equal. One of the first things new brands need to do is identify their target audience. What are the demographics? Are you appealing to specific regions of the world example the Middle East, Asia, North America etc.? Is your brand ready to wear, active wear, luxury, bridal or couture? Are you online or choosing to be in a retail store?  Do you have a website, Instagram, or Facebook social media presence? All of these are key fundamental steps that a new brand needs to check off as a part of their efforts to expand their brand awareness to be more successful.

What are the challenges in this field and how can we combat them?

There are a lot of challenges that modest designers are battling daily. I’m going to focus on the ones I feel are most disrupted to designers in their early development of their brands.

  1. Startup funding and cash flow.
  2. Getting people to see modest fashion as cutting-edge stylish fashion. Knowing your market.
  3. Competing with low quality modest clothing manufactures, and Iconic Designers who are now creating modest clothing for the high-end luxury modest consumers.
  4. Finding manufactures that offer high end quality at competitive prices.
  5. Getting editorial and press coverage with key media outlets.
  6. Gaining the support of Influencers.
  7. Retail opportunities.

We combat them by creating the infrastructure that will allow all stakeholders in modest fashion to combine their resources so that we have a real footprint in the business of fashion.

What are the main points that should be focused while designing Modest Fashion?

Key fundamental elements when designing Modest Fashion.

  1. When designing any looks all sleeves should be full length. If the design is a cape or sleeve that is open, make sure the proper foundation will cover the skin. No ¾ length sleeve.
  2. All dress should be the full length to floor. No parts of the skin should be revealed.
  3. When designing collections clothes should fit loosely, not form fitting or tight. When designing custom suiting allow a margin of at least an each for each size, so that you don’t lose the design concept, but you still have a tailored look.
  4. No low necklines, shoulders out, low backs or slits that show the skin.
  5. Avoid sheer see-through fabrics. It you use a sheer fabric include a lining.

What is your perspective about the Al Huda Centre of Modest Fashion -UAE?

The Al Huda Centre of Modest Fashion is the gateway to providing the Modest Fashion Industry with the necessary tools to become Stakeholders in the business of fashion globally. With the many services and programs featured on your platform you are the link between failure and success. Through meaningful collaborations with events similar intuitions and global business partners you become the bridge that connects the world to the Modest Fashion Industry and Halal Lifestyle.