Noor Takaful launches a new premium insurance solution

Noor Takaful, partnered with The Health Bank (THB) debuting Noor Premier, a new premium insurance solution, bringing the latest healthcare insurance plan to Noor Takaful’s customers.

The new offer will provide, digital prescriptions, 24/7 access to a Tele-Doctor, wellness and lifestyle coaching, medical travel and scheduling assistance, phone or face-to-face counseling support, second medical opinions from world-renowned facilities, consolidated digital health records for easy worldwide access, life management services including financial and legal advice, dedicated health managers to guide Noor Premier’s members and access to a global network of 50,000 leading healthcare providers.

Rajesh Sethi, CEO of Noor Takaful comments, “This new policy reflects our commitment to our customers. Employing agility and a passion to enhance our customer experience, we have created this sophisticated solution. Peace of mind is guaranteed when reliable medical care and a range of health and wellbeing programs are just a click away”.

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Salman Arif, CEO of THB, comments, “This premium solution has been designed to meet Noor Takaful’s promise to its customers — protection and peace of mind. Noor Premier offers personalized service and unparalleled access to some of the finest healthcare institutions in the world. This ensures customers can travel in comfort and with confidence in the new normal”.

Noor Premier offers an intuitive approach and includes everything a customer could need while they’re away from home. It features a comprehensive health and wellbeing program, with access to a network of medical experts.

THB has been chosen as the primary partner due to its leading position in its field. THB is a leading healthcare management company in the region, offering personalized health care management using the latest technology.

Noor Takaful, recently acquired by Dar Al Takaful, is renowned for its commitment to being at the forefront of the Takaful insurance sector in the Middle East. The launch of Noor Premier is a testament to this.

Source: Zawya