Modest Fashion-Confident and Comfortable

First of all about the Modest Fashion, a few years ago, this concept was closely associated with clothes by religion believes, but today we can safely say that this segment also attracts women of other faiths and life views – those who choose delicate and modest outfits for personal reasons.

Skinny, deep neckline, accentuated waist and mini length give way to comfortable, closed, but no less attractive and beautiful outfits. Fashion has turned towards comfort. Loose-fitting clothing is suitable for different types of body, so it can be offered to more consumers.

There are many subtleties in the interpretation of the term “MF”, but in general it stems from the idea of looking stylish, without resorting to overly open or tight-fitting things. These are laconic clothes predominantly loose, falling, spare cut.

So all these aspects give a woman comfort in movement and confidence.

Despite the double standards prevailing in society, modest fashion is by no means a symbol of oppression or degradation of women’s rights. Why? Because the key aspect here is personal choice – the choice in favor of one or another clothing. Someone is closer to tight-fitting things, someone prefers more concise, sophisticated, graceful style. This style close to comfortable.

The situation works both ways, since today women are free to buy and wear clothes of any design.

This is the prerogative of individual freedom and informed decision.

The point is not in the format of such as clothing, but in the choice that is made by each specific woman with an eye on her lifestyle, interests and moral and aesthetic values. And this choice now more and more often falls on reasonable modesty.

The visual concept of modest fashion is a synthesis of style and modesty, modern design and traditions, convenience and originality.

Therefore, the image in the modest style has many interpretations and can be both strict / puristic and colorful, sporty, urban. Depending on preferences and goals, a modern woman chooses the format of the arrangement of things that is most convenient and preferable for her.

For example, dresses over trousers, fluffy blouses, flared or straight skirts with long tunics, sundresses.

Modest fashion is, first of all, comfortable. I love this direction because you can wear clothes that do not hinder movement and do not emphasize extra pounds.

Thanks to the oversize, we are used to loose silhouettes and voluminous cut. And we know how to look stylish in a balloon dress and palazzo trousers.

The visual concept of modest fashion is a symbiosis of modesty, modern design, tradition and convenience. In the context of modest fashion, it is easy to imagine many styles: casual, ethnic, office, romantic and even sporty.

For us modesty is not only about religious belief but more about a culture of mindfulness and temperance. Modesty comes first from the heart, then encompasses aspects of dress, speech and behavior. Modesty does not start with what you wear, then affects your heart. Instead, it starts in your heart and affects what you wear. It encompasses both body and heart. Hijab is one way to be modest in one’s dress, but it is not the only way! So many of us women, especially those of us who wear hijab, get caught up in this detail and consider that it is the only way of expressing modesty, but that is not true. Hijab is only one way to express your beliefs and there are many others.

Modesty is a core concept that stems from the way of life, and doesn’t only encompass the outward appearance or attire. Showing restraint and respect are not the same as feeling oppressed; rather, they are the guiding principles for me to express myself, to be who I am and free from stereotypes. People spend quite a bit of time choosing what to wear, and I am very excited that more and more modest boutiques and fashion trends, modest fashion weeks are popping up recently to increase the options of clients. Moreover, as a Council of MF am very happy that I can contribute to this process and support my peer women who share the same values as I do. I believe once you embrace modesty on the inside, it will simply radiate outwards. Modesty just isn’t about the clothes or hijab but it’s a way of life.