“Takaful; From You For You”

AlHuda Centre of Islamic Banking and Economics has announced a webinar series with Title;
“Takaful; From You For You”
The main motive of this series is to create awareness in the takaful industry and among the young generation for the presence of huge exposure. This webinar series will cover the challenges and opportunities for Takaful as an emerging industry. We are wishing this Web Series will achieve its purpose. The first Webinar for this series had done successfully, Yesterday.

Thanks to all of our participants who joined us from Pakistan, Nigeria, Kenya, Uzbekistan, India, Uganda, Algeria, Trinidad and Tobago, United Arab Emirates, Sierra Leone, Argentina, Ghana and Tanzania.

AlHuda CIBE-Takaful Consultancy wing is grateful to our Guest Speaker Mr. Muhammad Zubair Mughal, for giving us precious time.
First Webinar for this series topic:
Scarcity of Human Resource; A Challenge to Takaful Industry and its Solution.
Soon we will announce our next Webinar In Sha ALLAH with the will of ALLAH ALMIGHTY.